Publish date: 2023/09/18 ( Publish date: 2023/09/18 Time: 17:23 )

Palyouth The number of Palestinian female prisoners in Israeli occupation prisons has risen to (37), after an actual four-year prison sentence was recently issued against activist Aya Al-Khatib from the 1948 territories, in addition to a fine of 25 thousand shekels.

The Prisoner's Club said, in a press statement, that prisoner Al-Khatib was transferred today from home detention, which lasted for about two years, to the actual prison, after the unjust decision issued against her, which comes within the framework of the retaliatory policy implemented by the occupation authorities, and in their continuous attempt to undermine any effective role of the children of the Palestinian Authority. Our people in the territories occupied in 1948.

The Prisoners' Club reviews the most important data about female prisoners in Israeli occupation prisons:

- Among them is a child, the prisoner Nafoth Hammad.

The oldest female prisoner in the Israeli occupation prisons is prisoner Maysoon Musa from Bethlehem, who has been detained since 2015 and has been sentenced to 15 years in prison.

The highest sentences issued against female prisoners were: Shorouk Dwayyat and Shatila Abu Eyada, who were sentenced to (16) years in prison, Maysoon Musa to (15) years, and Aisha Al-Afghani to (13) years.

Among the female prisoners: are four female prisoners who are administratively detained: (Raghad Al-Fanni, Samah Awad, Hanan Al-Barghouthi, and Fatima Abu Shalal).

- Among the female prisoners (9) were wounded.