Publish date: 2023/09/30 ( Publish date: 2023/09/30 Time: 19:07 )


Dr. Osama Al-Farra, Chairman of the National Committee for Partnership and Development, stressed that it establishes societal reconciliation and transitional justice that guarantees the Palestinian people not to repeat what happened and establishes a partnership between all components of the Palestinian people.

Al-Farra said during a symposium entitled "Social reconciliation.. The road to national unity and civil peace ", organized by the Committee," We agree with everyone that reparation is not only the material but the moral aspect of all victims of the division. We do not work separately from civil society and human rights institutions and cooperate with all Palestinian institutions to accomplish this task. "

He added: "We were in front of two roads, either transitional justice or retaliatory hostility, and the last road will not be spared, and we chose the path of Social reconciliation and transitional justice to heed these wounds and not live in the past of grief.

He pointed out that 173 files of victims of the division had been completed previously, and that today 100 cases of reparations had been completed, we were seeking partnership among all components of the Palestinian people, and we must strengthen partnership in the educational curriculum and all Palestinian institutions.


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