Publish date: 2023/10/01 ( Publish date: 2023/10/01 Time: 19:00 )

Palyouth The Committee for Palestinian  Prisoners' and Ex-Prisoners' Affairs has revealed that twelve Palestinian prisoners held in the Israeli  Ramla detention clinic are facing critical health conditions and are in need of urgent medical interventions to save their lives.

In a statement, the committee explained that the medical cases at the Ramla detention clinic are among the most severe in the prisons. Some Palestinian prisoners have gunshot wounds, others are disabled, and many suffer from chronic diseases and malignant tumors that have persisted for years. All of them are detained under harsh conditions and are subjected to continuous medical violations, making them vulnerable to diseases.

The committee emphasized that the Israeli prison administration continues to violate the rights of Palestinian prisoners, especially those who are ill. It deliberately neglects their difficult health conditions and refrains from providing them with necessary medical treatment, merely offering painkillers and sedatives without proper medical care.

The Palestinian prisoners currently held at the Israeli  Ramla detention clinic include Mansour Mouqada, Mu'tasem Radad, Iyad Ridwan, Samer Abu Diak, Nour Jarbou', Aasif Rafai, Walid Daka, Bashar Zaarour, Amir Atatreh, Mahmoud Awawdeh, Ali Abu Kashk, and Sultan Khalaaf.

It is worth noting that Israeli authorities are detaining over 700  Palestinian sick prisoners in their prisons, including approximately 200  Palestinian prisoners suffering from chronic diseases. Among them, 24  Palestinian prisoners are battling cancer and tumors to varying degrees, with the case of prisoner Aasif Al-Rifai being one of the most challenging and severe.


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