Publish date: 2023/10/03 ( Publish date: 2023/10/03 Time: 19:13 )

Palyouth On Tuesday, armed Israeli settlers stormed the historic old town, including the revered Ibrahimi Mosque, in the heart of the occupied West Bank city of Hebron.

Scores of Israeli settlers entered the old town backed  Israeli soldiers and organized a provocative march that started near the vicinity of the Ibrahimi Mosque and extended to the Osama bin Al-Munqith School, which the occupation authorities have converted into a religious institute for training rabbis, naming it the "Beit Romano" settlement.

The  Israeli settlers roamed the streets and alleys of the old town, celebrating their Jewish holidays, while chanting racist and anti-Arab slogans, including "Death to Arabs." Additionally, Israeli forces obstructed the passage of Palestinian residents within the old town, preventing them from reaching their homes and closing several roads leading to the area.


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