Publish date: 2023/10/03 ( Publish date: 2023/10/03 Time: 20:33 )


On Monday, the National Committee for Partnership and Development, in cooperation with the Ministry of Works and Social Development in the Gaza Strip, began the field social research process through engineering teams to nominate beneficiaries of the “partial restoration” project for the homes of hidden families living in difficult humanitarian conditions.

The media director of the National Committee for Partnership and Development, Sherif Al-Nairab, confirmed that the project is supported and funded by the United Arab Emirates, and the beneficiaries are selected according to social and technical criteria.

Al-Nairab revealed the stages of project implementation, as follows:

- Selecting beneficiaries according to specified criteria.

- Identifying the needs of beneficiary homes by technical committees and researchers.

- Determine the value of the grant provided as determined by the work team.

 - Placing an obligation on the beneficiary to implement the project in 3 stages.

Violation of implementation standards by the beneficiary family may prevent it from completing the project.

He explained that the committee based its selection of candidates to benefit from the project on research and technical committees in the governorates of the Gaza Strip, in cooperation with specialized national institutions.


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