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Palyouth The most prominent of what came in the statement of Dimitri Diliani, a member of the Revolutionary Council and spokesman for the reformist and democratic movement in Fatah: 

Diliani stated that the Democratic Reform Bloc strongly condemns the heinous acts of racist hatred committed by extremist Jewish terrorist groups, revealing deep-rooted racism within Israeli society. With clear protection and support from the Israeli government, these acts of terrorism against Christians and Muslims in Jerusalem have reached concerning levels.



Diliani expressed disgust at Orthodox Jews who spat on Christian worshippers carrying wooden crosses outside a recently vandalized church, an act captured on video, serving as a shocking testament to the moral depths Israeli politicians have sunk to. Many of these politicians, who have been tried in Israeli courts for connections to Jewish terrorism, have ascended to the highest government positions through elections.

Diliani asserts, "The Israeli government's support for extremist nationalist terrorism, as exemplified by figures like Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir, has emboldened these extremist Jewish individuals and sown an atmosphere of unchecked hatred and terrorism."

In response to the Israeli officials' appalling attempt to justify this hate crime as an "ancient Jewish tradition," Diliani declares, "This official rhetoric exposes the deep-seated racism and bigotry within Israeli society. The recent elections have only exacerbated this issue, as government members who have been tried for their support of Jewish terrorism now wield significant power."

Diliani also pointed out that the Democratic Reform Bloc unequivocally condemns the ongoing assaults on the Al-Aqsa Mosque and violations of internationally recognized agreements. These actions constitute a blatant disregard for holy sites and must not go unanswered by the global community.

It is crucial to recognize that international support for the apartheid state of Israel directly encourages these acts of hate and racism. Diliani emphasizes, "Support for Israel and its illegitimate policies is akin to endorsing human rights violations and violations of international law."

Diliani reaffirms that the Democratic Reform Bloc appeals to the international community to confront this injustice and calls for an immediate halt to racist hate crimes committed by extremist Jewish groups in the occupied Palestinian territories, particularly in Jerusalem.

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