Publish date: 2023/10/04 ( Publish date: 2023/10/04 Time: 16:28 )


This Wednesday afternoon, extremist settlers renewed attacks and spitting operations against Christians in the occupied city of Jerusalem, specifically in the area of ​​the Christ Imprisonment Church.

Majid Al-Rishq, the guard of the Church of the Imprisonment of Christ, said that the phenomenon of targeting Christians has increased recently by spitting on the faithful monks and tourists walking the Way of the Cross.

Activists in the United States of America have called on churches to sever their relationship with the Israeli occupation state, following the provocative practices carried out by dozens of settlers against “Christian pilgrims” carrying the cross in the occupied city of Jerusalem, through a video clip that has been viewed millions of times around the world.

Spitting operations are repeated by Jewish settlers on Christians and church members during their religious celebrations, as happened yesterday as they carried the cross from a church in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem. It is not the first incident of this kind, as this has become a systematic behavior followed by settlers as part of their attacks on Christians. And all Palestinians in Jerusalem and other places


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