Publish date: 2023/10/05 ( Publish date: 2023/10/05 Time: 20:17 )


On their International Day... the Palestinian teacher tops the Arab and international podiums

They rise to international podiums, wearing the flag of their country, which “Israel” is trying to erase and erase the name of all of Palestine from the map of the world, but they defy the reality imposed on them under Israeli occupation and the lack of capabilities, and they topped the first and advanced positions in global and regional competitions, thus raising the name of the Palestinian teacher high in the world in all fields.
Over the past eight years, the names of 7 male and female teachers shined in the British “Farkey Foundation” competition specializing in educational development. They are :

teacher Hanan Al-Hroub, who won the title of the best teacher in the world in 2016, teachers Jawdat Saisan, Fidaa Zaatar, Abeer Al-Qunaibi, Rana Ziadeh, and Nisreen Qatina.  And recently this year, Iyad Al-Souqi, they were able to write their names among the 50 best teachers in the world.

The successes of Palestinian teachers were not limited to this competition, but rather they shined so that Palestine achieved advanced positions in other global and regional competitions, such as the Khalifa Award for Creative Teacher in Dubai, which was obtained last year by teacher Rana Ziadeh from Gaza, and this year by Abeer Al-Qunaibi from Hebron.

In turn, the head of the Basic Education Department in the Palestinian Ministry of Education, Hazem Abu Jazar, says that Palestinian teachers have reached very advanced positions in international forums and competitions, and have raised the name of Palestine high.




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