Publish date: 2023/10/06 ( Publish date: 2023/10/06 Time: 13:21 )

Palyouth Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Faction firmly denounces the abhorrent actions of Jewish hate criminals. Among these hate crimes, one occurred just yesterday, during which an individual with hateful intentions, of extremist Jewish identity, vandalized irreplaceable Roman statues of significant historical and cultural worth. It is worth noting that these statues had been initially stolen by Israeli authorities from Palestinian land and were showcased at the "Israel Museum."

Dimitri Diliani, Spokesperson for Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Faction, has pointed out the striking resemblance of these hate crimes committed by Jewish extremists to ISIS's campaign against cultural heritage in Syria and Iraq. The hate-motivated justification of the latest vandal, who claimed the statues were "in violation of the Torah," only serves to deepen the parallel between the actions of these extremists and those of internationally recognized terrorist organizations.

Diliani said this egregious attack is part of a distressing sequence of hate crimes perpetrated by Jewish extremists against whoever is different from them or doesn’t share their set of beliefs, echoing the modus operandi of ISIS itself. These crimes extend to attacks on churches, assaults on Christian pilgrims, and harassment of indigenous Jerusalemites. Furthermore, the constant provocation of Muslims at Al-Aqsa mosque mirrors the tactics of hate-driven terrorist groups.

Diliani drew attention that these escalating hate crimes are not isolated incidents but are sponsored and perpetuated by the Israeli government. This government, like its predecessors, fosters an environment conducive to hate crimes through institutional bigotry ingrained within its legal and political regime. Regrettably, this bigotry finds resonance within the majority of Israeli society, as evidenced by the results of the recent elections that elevated convicted Jewish terrorists to cabinet positions.

Diliani added, in stark contrast, we must emphasize that this Jewish hate criminal, who destroyed the Roman statues, will be presented to the court. This stands in stark contrast to the impunity granted to Jewish extremist perpetrators of the recent attack on Christian pilgrims, who were released without bail, charge, or a court date following a highly publicized media stunt arrest.

Diliani explained the deeply ingrained racism within Israeli society is palpable in these incidents, presenting an ever-growing danger to the indigenous Palestinian population living under Israeli military occupation. Israel's track record of war crimes, violations of international law, and tacit support for Jewish terrorism against Palestinian civilians is undeniable.

Diliani added that It is time for the international community to reevaluate its relations with the state of Israel, which has repeatedly demonstrated itself as a hub of extremism, fanaticism, and Jewish terror.

Diliani confirmed that Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Faction calls upon nations around the world to examine their alliances and reconsider support for a state that defines itself as an exclusively religious-oriented state and proved over the decades since its establishment that it poses a clear threat to peace and stability in the region and condemn these acts of hatred, we implore the world to stand on the right side of history and join us in seeking justice, peace, and realization of our people’s natural right to self-determination.

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