Publish date: 2023/10/07 ( Publish date: 2023/10/07 Time: 19:09 )

Palyouth In the wake of the Israeli airstrikes that have continued to relentlessly pound the Gaza Strip for the past seven hours, Fateh's Reformist Democratic Faction stands resolute in condemnation of these indiscriminate attacks. The toll is devastating: 161 innocent lives were lost, including children, and 931 individuals were injured.

Dimitri Diliani, the spokesperson for Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Faction, emphasizes the urgency of this situation, stating: "These devastating airstrikes have resulted in a staggering loss of life.

Diliani said, We cannot remain silent in the face of such unbridled aggression against innocent civilians living under Israeli military siege for many years."

The statistics paint a harrowing picture of the ongoing Israeli airstrikes on Palestinian civilians:

- Gaza District: 35 lives tragically cut short, with 160 individuals enduring grievous injuries.
- Khan Yunis: 45 souls lost to this senseless violence, while 180 others bear the scars of conflict.
- The Northern Gaza District: 40 innocent lives were extinguished, with 200 individuals suffering the physical and emotional toll of these attacks.
- Central Gaza District: 29 lives cruelly taken, leaving 311 wounded and traumatized individuals in their wake.
- Rafah District: 12 innocent souls lost, with 80 more left to grapple with the aftermath of these ruthless airstrikes.

Diliani stressed, "The blood of innocent Palestinians cries out for justice, and it is the moral responsibility of the international community to put an end to this cycle of violence."

Diliani added, However, to fully comprehend the gravity of this situation, it is imperative to recognize the historical context. As Diliani explained: "We find it necessary to provide a historical context and meticulously dissect the persistent Israeli violations of our human and national rights that have brought us to the dire situation we face today."

Diliani noted that the Palestinian people have endured a long history marked by consistent and grave Israeli human and national rights violations. The current crisis is the latest chapter in this enduring struggle imposed on the Palestinian people by the Israeli military occupation. The expansion of Israeli colonial settlements, desecration of sacred sites, support of extremist groups, extrajudicial executions, the siege on Gaza, and the unjust detention of Palestinian politicians are part of a larger pattern that demands immediate international attention.

Diliani confirmed that Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Faction firmly asserts that "the road to stability is one that upholds international law, respects human rights and safeguards the dignity of all peoples." We urgently implore the international community to stand with us in advocating for justice, adherence to international law, and the protection of human rights in this deeply entrenched and enduring Israeli-imposed conflict on the Palestinian people.

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