Publish date: 2023/10/08 ( Publish date: 2023/10/08 Time: 19:31 )


Owners of shops, businesses, and offices in the Watan Tower are experiencing a tragic and devastating situation. Following the destructive Israeli airstrikes, their shops and establishments have been completely destroyed. The surrounding streets bear witness to scenes of destruction and debris.

The real problem lies in the immense losses they have incurred. They have not only lost the contents of their shops and offices but also their livelihoods and sources of income. This means they are forced to deal with the economic and social repercussions of this catastrophe.

The challenges of reconstruction and rehabilitation in this devastated area are evident. It requires significant efforts to rebuild the infrastructure and secure the necessary funding to revive the affected businesses. With increasing unemployment and deteriorating living conditions, local governments and international entities must provide support and assistance to the affected business owners to overcome this crisis.

Rebuilding the destroyed Watan Tower will be a difficult and sustainable task but a necessary one to restore economic life and bring hope back to the owners of shops and establishments in this devastated area.


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