Publish date: 2023/08/31 ( Publish date: 2023/08/31 Time: 15:14 )

Palyouth The most prominent of what came in the statement of Dmitry Diliani, a member of the Revolutionary Council and spokesman for the reformist and democratic movement in Fatah:

The Democratic Reformist Faction of "Fateh" Strongly Condemns the Israeli Assault on Palestinian Education as a Terrifying Demonstration of the Grip of Terrorist Settler Groups on the Israeli Military Apparatus of Successive Governments. Through Systematic Suppression, Demolition, and Obstruction of Palestinian Schools, the Israeli Government Boldly Executes a Sinister Agenda to Perpetuate Bigotry, Inhumanity, and Terrorism Against the Palestinian People.

Dimitri Diliani states, "The aggressive measures of the Israeli government against Palestinian education are a reprehensible attempt to eradicate the future of our people. This calculated assault bears witness to the deep connection between the interests of the settler colonialists and the policies endorsed by the Israeli government."

Diliani further reveals that in Area "C", 32 Palestinian schools are facing the imminent fate of demolition at the hands of the Israeli Occupation Authorities. Despite facing arduous efforts to prevent such actions, these schools are entangled in legal battles within the corridors of the Israeli Apartheid courts, shedding light on the deeply-rooted bias in favor of the settlers' agenda.

Moreover, Diliani reveals that without respite, nearly 30 other Palestinian schools stand on the brink of demolition, as their destiny hangs in the balance of illegitimate settler expansion planning and strategic settler intent. While demolition orders loom, these institutions remain momentarily spared, situated in regions yet untouched by the settlers' expansion. Some of these institutions stand as living testaments to our people's resilience, having resisted against all odds for decades.

Diliani affirms, "Our people have resisted adversity throughout history, and our schools stand as fortresses of knowledge, cultural identity, and nationalism. The ongoing Israeli occupation's targeting of these institutions constitutes a direct assault on our right to education and self-determination."

Diliani points out that indigenous Palestinian communities bear the burdens of this calculated attack, as Jewish settler colonialists seek to forcibly displace or cruelly restrict their lands. A chilling 16 schools in Hebron, six in the Jordan Valley, five in Jerusalem, two in the Bethlehem area, and one each near Ramallah, Jenin, and Nablus stand as testament to this aggression.

Furthermore, Diliani adds that the recent demolition of a school in Kafr Malik, funded by the EU, challenges the international community's commitment to human rights and education. The echoes of such destruction resonate throughout history, serving as a reminder of colonial oppression.

Diliani emphasizes that the Democratic Reformist Faction of "Fateh" calls upon the international community to condemn Israel's severe attack on Palestinian education and to redouble efforts to ensure the protection of schools as spaces for learning and enlightenment, free from the shadows of illegitimate settler ambitions.


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